Automated D2C (Data to Content) Solution.

Meet Robby

Meet Robby

Robby D2C is an automated solution that turns data into content. From daily weather forecasts to hourly statistics, Robby can collect a variety of information and deliver it as rich, custom-designed content.

How does Robby work?

In short, Robby collects data from a specific source, prepares it, and passes it to Adobe Creative Suite™ to produce the content. Once the content is ready, Robby will then upload it to Dropbox™ and generate a download link, which is shared in an email.


hal for is a mobile device app specifically developed to monitor Robby's status as well as view the logs and reports.

Robby's Features

One-Time Setup and Sync.

Even though the Robby D2C solution requires several components to run, it only takes a one-time setup to get them properly integrated and in-sync.

Easy to Use

Robby’s workflow is simple, and its tasks are clear and straightforward. Usually, it takes just one click to run or stop it.

Scheduled Tasks

Robby’s core role is to run scheduled jobs, and it can be set to run a specific number of jobs or to run indefinitely.

Multiple Output Ratios

Robby D2C Solution supports up to four different output ratios. By default, it supports 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, and 4:5, but it can be easily altered to custom ratios.

Real-time Monitor

While running a job, Robby provides real-time monitoring of every step.

Download Links

Robby D2C Solution’s primary method of delivery is via a Dropbox™ download link. However, other methods can be explored.

Publish to Social Media

If required, Robby has an option to publish directly to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Email Reports

At the end of each job, Robby automatically sends an email with the download link(s) along with a detailed report.

Runs Virtually

Robby D2C Solution has been tested in a virtual GPU environment and ran very well, which means having dedicated hardware is not a must, but it is still highly recommended.


Since its early development days, Robby has been working on several solutions, hence building quite a portfolio.
To view the content that Robby has generated to date, click on any of the link below.

Covid19 Watch

In the new reality we are living in, COVID-19 Watch showcases the latest coronavirus infection numbers from around the world. Please wear a mask, get vaccinated, and follow your local health authority protocols to keep you and your loved ones safe.

IEX Stock

For those stock investors out there, IEX Stock gets the latest prices from top active stock quotes and compares it with 52WeekLow and 52WeekHigh. So if you need to keep an eye on your favorite options, Robby is here for you.

Rosey's Recipes

Are you looking for new recipes from international cuisines? Rosey's Recipes is here to suggest three different recipes with their descriptions, images, and links to how to prepare them. Bon apétit!

Brick Weatherman

Brick has two passions: lamps and weather. Although Brick won’t share any of his lamps with you, he will be able to give you the weather forecast for the next six hours in five different cities. So say goodbye to being caught in the rain, and let Brick help you decide if you need that umbrella or not.


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